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Buying guide and FAQ for gas stove


Buying guide for gas stoves – Gas stoves are the essential appliance in the kitchen. However, we should be cautious while buying a gas stove. Along with the finish and design of gas stove features also should be analyzed carefully. There are wide varieties of models available in the market. However, choosing from them is a challenging task.

There is a wide range of gas stoves available in the market. The option of choosing from three types of burners – alloy, forged brass, regular brass burners, and different configurations such as 2/3/4 burners, Glass top, Stainless Steel top, ISI approved models and many more options.

We prepared a buying guide for gas stove to ease your task of selecting the best stove for your kitchen.

Features you should consider while buying a gas stove

Choose the size of the gas stove: The first thing you should consider is the size of the gas stove you need to buy. There are several models available with 2, 3, and 4 burner cooktops. So, first, measure the kitchen slab where you intend to install the gas stove and then decide on the size of the gas stove based on the available space. You can select the number of burners according to the family members and cooking time you have.

Check the type of burners: Pressure Die-cast Alloy Burners, Brass Burners, and Forged Brass Burners are the three options. Many brands provide cooktops in a wide range of styles. With the advancement of technology, gas stove burners have begun to come in a variety of styles.

Distance between the burners: The distance between the burners is critical in a stove. If the distance between the burners is less, you cannot place two pans or pots at a time in the nearby burners. So, if you make sure the distance is sufficient, you can use all the burners during peak hours.

Ignition type (Automatic/ Manual): You can avoid the inconveniences of using lighters or matchsticks by opting for Auto-ignition cooktop models. There are two options here: multi-spark battery-powered auto-ignition or single-spark mechanical piezo-powered auto-ignition. The multi-spark is preferable because it produces more sparks and allows you to keep the knob pressed until the flame appears on the burner.

The warranty of the gas stove and its availability:  The warranty on a gas stove varies depending on the parts of the stove. In general, burner warranties range from one to five years. At the same time, the warranty on the body of the gas stove ranges from one to three years. It is important to note that most warranties cover manufacturing flaws rather than customer damages. To obtain warranty, contact the brand’s customer service number, which is usually listed on the warranty card or on the packaging box

Safety of the gas stove:  You must check the safety standards of the stove. You should check ISI marks given by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) as safety marks in the stove. This guarantees that the stove follows the regulated safety standards while designing and manufacturing.

Pan supports and Drip tray: Check if your gas stove has drip trays around the burners. These help to ensure that spilled foods are cleaned up quickly and easily. Similarly, to accommodate heavy utensils, the cooktop must have sturdy pan supports.


1.Can I mount a gas stove by myself? 

This answer varies depending on the manufacturer of the gas stove.  The manufacturer has a trained dealer who will install to ensure all regulations, building codes, and safety requirements are met.

2. What is the difference between a hob and a gas stove?

The two types of stoves are standard desk stove and modern hob top.
Standard gas stoves are the most common type, and they sit on the kitchen slab on small stands beneath the frame. Hobs can be built into or placed on top of your kitchen slab. This improves the overall aesthetics of the setup and is especially useful if you’ve designed your kitchen to have a specific look and feel. Hobs dials and controls are also mounted differently and tend to be a little larger

3. Which Gas Burner is Best – Brass Burner Vs. Aluminum Burner?

Both brass and aluminum burners are good because they are long-lasting, of high quality, and perform well. Furthermore, its operation is dependent on the nozzle size and gas distribution system.  Brass burners are more resistant to corrosion and heat, as well as being more durable. Despite its high price, it provides outstanding performance to users in cooking tasty food by even heat distribution. If 4. cost is not an issue, a gas stove with a brass burner is a better option.

4. What should I do if there is a gas stove leak or other types of damage??

Please contact the brand’s customer service number if there is a gas leak or other repairs are required. Brand-authorized service personnel will have the final say on whether or not the repairs are covered under warranty.

5. How can I ensure the gas stove’s safety?

To ensure that a gas stove is safe to use, check to see if the gas is ISI certified. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) defines ISI standards, which are a mark of safety. The ISI certification ensures that the product was designed and manufactured in accordance with the regulated safety standards.

6. What are the different of gas stove available based on the number of burners?

There are three types

  1.  2 Burner
  2.  3 Burner
  3. 4 burner

    The number of burners you require is determined by the size of your family and the speed of cooking

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