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Pressure cooker buying guide India | Best pressure cookers Buying guide and FAQ

Pressure cooker buying guide India – Pressure cookers are a vital part of Indian cooking. It makes cooking faster and energy-efficient. So, choosing the right pressure cooker is a hard task.  Keep in mind the following point while buying a pressure cooker

Features you should check before buying a pressure cooker

1. Type of Pressure cooker body material

Three types of materials,

1. Aluminium
It is low cost, lightweight and has excellent heat conductivity.
2. Stainless Steel
Good looking and longer life than aluminium. No health issues and stain free.
3. Anodized
It has better looks and longer life than aluminium and stains free. anodized cookers can be also used to cook and serve purpose

2. Capacity of the Pressure cooker

Capacity ranges from 1.5 liters to 20 liters. You can choose the pressure cooker based on your needs. The amount of food to be cooked and number of people are to be considered.

3. Shape of the pressure cooker

Pressure cookers are available in different shapes like a straight wall, pressure pan, apple, cute, pressure kadai and pressure handi.  A straight wall is used for regular cooking. Pressure pan are ideal for frying and pressure cooking. The pressure kadai is clip-on type in which you can now sauté, steam, fry, boil, and pressure cook. The lid can be placed in any position and be closed safely by rotating. The pressure handi is Narrow-wide-narrow  in shape and  food is cooked in circulatory motion

4. Durability of the Pressure cooker

You don’t have to purchase a new cooker every year. Durability is a crucial consideration. Aluminum isn’t very long-lasting. From a durability standpoint, stainless steel and hard anodized pressure cookers are the best options.

5. Compatibility with induction cooker

You can check the induction compatibility in the base of the cooker. The Perforated SS plate makes it suitable for Induction and gas cooking. Steel pressure cookers are induction compatible.

6. Inner lid v/s outer lid pressure cookers

Depending on the lid type, pressure cookers come in two models: inner lid and outer lid. The top of the lid of the inner lid models fits within the cooker. The top of the lid of the exterior lid model stays outside of the cooker container. In general, bigger pressure cookers utilize outer lids, while tiny pressure cookers utilize inner covers. Inner lids are said to be safer than outside lids because they have an extra lock-in mechanism to keep the excessive pressure from building up.

7. Warranty of the pressure cooker

Longer warranties imply better products, so go for one with a longer length. Using a pressure cooker. Please read the warranty, refunds, and replacement policy information carefully.

FAQ about Pressure Cookers

1. What are the body materials used in pressure cookers?

The three type’s materials are,
1. Aluminium
2. Stainless Steel
3. Anodized

2. Which is best , stanless steel, Anodized or Aluminium pressure cooker?

Aluminium pressure cookers are is low cost, Light Weight and have excellent heat conductivity. Stainless Steel pressure cookers have better looks and longer life than aluminium. No health issues and stain free. The Anodized also have Better looks and longer life than aluminium and stain free. It Can be used for cook and serve the purpose

3. Is all pressure cookers compatible with induction cooktops?

No. Steel pressure cookers are compatible with induction cooktops. Others must have an induction base to be compatible with the work with induction cooktops.

4. What is the different capacities available in pressure cookers?

1.5 liters to 20 liters are available.

5. Which is the best pressure cooker available in India?



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